29 June 2013


Camping is very hazardous to bedding. I spent some time at the laundromat yesterday using one of the large commercial machines to wash the two old sleeping bags. You know the kind: thick and heavy with the flannel on the inside. These two bags are getting quite thin on the outside and I have patched and patched and patched them. The fabric has been caught in the zippers so it was time once again to patch them. I dug around in the 2.5" strip bin and found a strip of orange that matches the outside. The holes are now covered with an appliqued patch, the bags are folded and back in the camper.

Also on the agenda today was the duvet cover for the old duvet that is kept in the camper. Now how did it get a triangular tear? shrug.

There, all fixed. And, yes, it is pink.

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