30 June 2013

Dance Dress

She brought this dress to me. "Can you make the top bigger?"

It's a cute dress and so very retro. There is a side zip and it's lined. Bigger, huh? Let's study this now. There is no extra fabric to work with. What to do?

Voila! I drew a line up the center back and then machine basted on each side and the bottom, then I cut up the center back. I can't believe that I had some narrow orange bias binding in the stash that matched. Exactly. I bound the edge of the cut covering the basting at the same time. Two eyelets were added at the top and then rat-tail cord was threaded through.

The keyhole opening allows for more room and the zip is still in for ease of dressing. I am so clever!


  1. What a wonderful idea!

  2. Yes, you are!
    I love this solution; it is, indeed, the perfect one.

  3. That's for sure... amazing!

  4. A very elegant solution. Lucky grl!

  5. great job and SHE thinks your a genius :)
    really cute dress