07 July 2013

How I spent my day

also know as the frog stitch: rip it, rip it, rip it.

I became very familiar with my favorite seam ripper today. Have you ever used this style? I love this as it has a replaceable blade but watch out 'cause it is very, very sharp.

What was I working on? Well, I had this brilliant idea to just quilt around the design on the backing of a quilt. It would have worked too, on any other fabric than this one. ;) After one pass, I turned it over and that's when I realized that the design was just too strange to look nice.

And so, Jack the ripper became my friend today.


  1. LOL, yes I've had dealings with "Jack the Ripper." Love the name Paula.

  2. You should have shown this fabric that caused a weird design!!

  3. Oh well, it happens! It's a good time to watch a favorite TV show.