26 July 2013

The Sweet Tomato Heel

Cat Bordhi has done it again. Here is her latest heel. You know, I quite like this one. I had a big footed fellow try it on and it fit so very well!

Cat calls this the Sweet Tomato Heel because it lays smoothly on the heel. It is done in 3 wedges, can you see them? After you make a wedge you knit two full rounds. Go here to get a really full explanation: http://fingeringyarn.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/sweet-tomato-heel/

There is a really good youtube video by Cat that you can watch. Her yarn is a better color for showing off this heel.

I really, really like this heel. It was a joy to knit after that Fleegle thing. I urge you to try this one.

For more OTN Friday visit JudyL at Patchwork Times.


  1. Those are fun socks. Interesting heel. I love that you are trying all the methods of heels.

  2. My friend loves using this heel on her socks! Love the colors!

  3. Hmmm...now I need to try your heel and Judy's cast on. Sound like another project, doesn't it?

  4. Socks or salads - sweet tomato is yummy!