19 July 2013

What I've been working on

I have this narrow area right beside the front door that I use for seasonal decorations. As the July decoration went up, I noticed how old and faded it looked. The red had faded out to a purple and the blue was almost non-existent. Out came the trusty pots of acrylic and the paint brushes and I have been painting a different color a day when I get home from work. The next step is the polyurethane as a final coat and then to refresh the bow. I was in one of the major hobby/craft stores the other day and noticed that burlap seems to be the big thing right now, so I might just add a burlap bow. 

What do you think? Would it look all right or would it overwhelm this? Just to give you a reference, this  wooden star is only 6" across.


  1. The star looks great and burlap works well with any project!!

  2. Yeah for acrylic paint stashes! I love mine. Totally go for the burlap bow....burlap IS the new rafia :-)

  3. I just bought burlap lampshades. Love them. How did the burlap bow turn out?

  4. Wow, I bet you really worked hard on this project. It can be seen on how it was made, beautiful and perfect. I think the bow would be fine. It would add accent and uniqueness to it, too! Hope to see more of your creative works next time. Have a nice day!