21 August 2013

All I Wanna Do

The universe is fairly perverse when all you want to do is sew but it doesn't give you the time. If you have ever wondered why I knit so many pairs of socks, this is one answer. Socks are so portable, unlike sewing, and I can knit in public.

This weekend will be spent in Denver-town with familial obligations. The following weekend (Labor Day weekend here in the states: where did the summer go?) will be the last camping trip of the year, so the trailer can get winterized. I won't be able to sew for eleven days! Withdrawal symptoms have already begun.


  1. I am taking the theory that no sewing just means an action packed summer....a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

  2. I knit socks for the same reason - very portable!

  3. ... but you will return with new energy and enthusiasm --- probably. 8-))

    Yes, where did summer go?

  4. Between work & life, I am too exhausted to quilt. :o(