19 August 2013

Progress on the design wall

I did not have enough pink to put in another small border, so in an effort to "get 'er done" I put on a 3" border of the backing fabric. I thought it was done. Not! It still needs a small-ish black stop border on the outside and then black binding. Don't you think so?

I am so bored with this and want to move on to something else. But I made a commitment to have a quilt ready for an auction in October and even though it is only mid-August, I feel like I'm running out of time. After all, this still needs to be quilted.

Judy L is hosting a link up for more design walls.


  1. Looks good Paula but I hear what you're saying. Time is ticking away and we seem to always be behind. Words of encouragement ....... You can do this. Go Paula Go!!!

  2. A black border will look nice.

  3. It looks terrific. I know you'll have it done in a jiffy.