06 September 2013

And another pair of socks

Can you stand to look at another pair of socks? This pair is made from the leftover yarn of another pair that was recently finished. The photo in the other post has truer color.


Needles: US 2 (2 circulars)
Yarn: On Your Toes 4-Ply with Aloe by S.R. Kertzer
Color: Denim Print

In other news, the water line on the ice maker got pinched and started leaking. I pulled out the fridge and cleaned up the mess, but I was too late to keep the laminate floor from buckling. Can we say new flooring?
I pulled the pinched portion of the line into the (unfinished) basement and I know I need to turn the water off to this line before I can splice it for the repair. The problem is that I am too short to reach the value. And so it continued to leak. I wrapped a hand towel around it and placed it into a bucket to contain the water, while I went to the garage for a ladder; got the saddle valve turned off so the water stopped spraying everywhere. (Thank goodness for Google, it showed me what to do.) The ice maker is still not making ice even though everything is fixed, so something else is wrong. I dug out the old ice cube trays. Thank goodness I still had them. 

Hopefully, the drama around here has stopped for a while.

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  1. Nice! How do you like knitting with the aloe-yarn?

  2. You can't have TOO MANY SOCKS here. Not possible.

    Sorry to read about the homeowner household situation. Arggh….

  3. At this point I can look at socks and socks. Very inspirational.

  4. Tired of seeing socks? Never!

    Sorry to hear about your water leak and floor damage. I hope you can solve the problem with the ice maker.

  5. One can never have too many hand knit socks! Enjoy them, cooler weather is just around the corner.

  6. Sorry about your water leak. You did great taking care of it. I too have had issues with my height lately while working on the house. So many things need me to climb that ladder.

  7. Socks never get old. I recently saw some of the old metal ice cube trays in a display....now I want some of my own. eBay, here I come.