13 September 2013

OTN: Friday the Thirteenth

I've seen fire and I've seen rain.

That phrase from James Taylor's song just keeps circling in my head. A total earworm. I live in Colorado and in case you haven't heard we have been having horrible, catastrophic flash flooding. My town is split in half: north or south of the Big Thompson River. As a matter of fact, the whole county is split into north of the Poudre River, between the Poudre and Big Thompson Rivers (that's where I am), between the Big Thompson and Little Thompson. And we won't even mention the rivers and creeks even further south. We have lots of infrastructure damage to roads, highways and bridges. Train tracks and trestles have been damaged as well as private homes and farms.

All this excess water and the resultant news coverage has resulted in a lot of knitting and quilting. Today, I'll show the finished knitted items.

Let's start with the ever present socks, shall we?


Don't you love the zig zaggy stripes? There was a knot in the yarn on the second sock (don't you just hate that?) and that is why they don't match up there on the feet.
Yarn:S.R. Kertzer On Your Toes 4 Ply with Aloe Vera
Needles: US2 circulars

Mindless knitting for the hat. I tried out a different pattern that started from the top so that I could just knit and knit and knit. I'm not sure I like the pointy effect of top down. Anyway, here it is...

Just a Hat

It looks big, but my second head here is small, almost child size. This hat will fit an adult male.
Yarn: Quillay by Araucania
Needles: US8 circular

And with the wee bit of yarn left from the hat, I whipped out this Seed Stitch Headband.

Seed Stitch Headband

What's on your needles? Vist JudyL for more On The Needles Friday.


  1. Busy hands are always help. Keep safe.

  2. Sorry to hear about the over-abundance of moisture and the damage that it has caused. Be safe

    Love the socks! I've had bad experiences with Kertzer yarn and knots. One skein had four knots and the colorway was reversed on two of them. Aargh!

  3. Love your socks and hat. I think I could manage the hat pattern. Sorry to hear about your neck of the woods and hope that you are staying safe.

  4. So sorry about the flooding in Colorado that we are seeing on the news, very upsetting, do stay safe. Love the socks!
    : )

  5. The seed stitch headband is especially cool. Sorry to hear, read and watch of the devastation of Mother Nature in your area. :(. Brutal. Hearing from you let's me know y'all are at least safe.

  6. Love the socks!! I have a pair cast on in a bag in my stash bin. I need to find them. Love the hat, I saw the pattern on Ravelry for the Viking hat, with or without the beard, I think it is crochet though.
    Got me in the hat mood. Be cold soon.
    Take care