14 October 2013

Fall Has Indeed Arrived

The trees are showing their colors and little breezes create showers of leaves. As you walk down the street, the leaves skitter past your feet in a frenzy like they are running from a monster. A leafy adornment in your hair is a common sight.

It's windy today, no little breezes. I expect the leaves will all be in the street gutters before nightfall.

I am getting fidgety. Obligations have consumed my time and therefore I haven't been able to even step foot into the sewing room in several weeks. The only sewing has been a bit of hand sewing on the seemingly endless Faithful Circle quilt top.


  1. Lack of sewing indeed contributes to the fidgets... hope you're able to steal away in there and sew ~for your own well being~ soon! :) Time, and the seasons, are whizzing...

  2. I haven't turned on my machine since June, so I have a case of the fidgets, too. My knitting needles have been getting a good workout, though.

  3. That would certainly make me fidgety!!

  4. You may be fidgety but you sure can turn out a great little snippet of a post. Beautiful writing. Dig it. *karendianne. who is watching for monsters. :)