11 October 2013

Friday Knits

Some progress has been made on the sweater. No photo because it is still a pile of purplish yarny goodness. But it is probably about one-third completed.

Remember the little red fleece hat from the last post? I decided that it needed ties so it would stay on that wiggly person's head.
If you are not familiar with this item it is called a Knitting Knobby. This is one I have had since a teenager. It is good for making laces and ties. Since this photo was taken, the ties have been added to the earflaps of the little hat. It is so darling I can't stand it.

Another pair of socks are blocking on the sock blockers. These are pink, aren't they?
Yarn: S.R. Kertzer On Your Toes 4 Ply with Aloe Vera
Needles: US #2

More On The Needles can be found here.


  1. I remember using a wooden thread spool for knitting.

    Love the socks!

  2. Yes another Nancy. My Daddy made me one from large wooden spool and 4 nails. Than my Grandmother taught me how to make yarn worms. Good memories. I now have a fancy one and will be showing my granddaughters how to make yarn worms.

    Nancy Lannom