07 October 2013

Pre-sewing Organization

I need new clothes. Badly. The ones in the closet are bagging, sagging and shabby. I know there is some 'fashion' fabric in the sewing room but I wasn't sure what and how much. So a cabinet organization happened.

These are the two cabinets under the cutting counter. Every time I wanted something from here, everything was pulled out because, invariably it was in the back. The one cabinet is the garage for the serger.

This stuff is all from the serger garage. It includes the four button tins and a large stack of brand new, uncut vintage damask napkins and tablecloth.

The fashion fabric has a lot of blues. Can you tell my fav color? LOL. The fabric runs from dupioni silk to wool to tshirt fabric. There is even a fat quarter bundle of Anna Maria Horner lawn fabric.

A trip to the dollar store with measurements in hand netted these containers.

And here is the finished product. All the thinner fabrics and remnants were rolled and tied with saved selvages and put in containers on the top shelf. A third basket is behind the left front one and all the pinwale corduroy is behind the basket with the tshirt material there on the right. The other cabinet has 2 of the square baskets and one of the round ones so that the button tins and serger would fit into the cabinet.

I had to leave out the two largest pieces so I reckon they will get used first. I see a bathrobe and a sweatshirt-type top coming up.


  1. Be still my heart, a button tin (or 4)!
    I guess my helper is a bit big for sorting buttons, but saw that activity unfolding in my mind - I just didn't have a button tin - nor the desire to create one just for his sorting pleasure.

    & I can admit that I sort of covet that AMH voile/lawn bundle.

  2. Gotta love the dollar store for storage bins and it looks like you found some goodies! What's left of my "fashion fabric" is on a couple of shelves in the sewing room closet but I don't see me making anything any time soon. The last thing I sewed clothing-wise was doll clothes... and before that, a Halloween costume.

    Looking forward to seeing your couture creations!

    1. Organization is something sorely lacking in my sewing room. I really must tackle the chaos soon!

      I keep my buttons in large mason jars.

  3. I can hear you, "I am woman, hear me roar!" Don't we all feel wonderful when we tackle this job - good for you!!!

  4. if you are like me , i had rather order fabic!