18 November 2013

Not an empty design wall

Not much is happening in the way of quilting. Still.

I am currently on a garment sewing jag and as I sew my mind wanders to other projects. I pulled the Laurel Burch panel from stash and added several other coordinating fabrics from stash. What you see here is the start of a jacket.

The fabrics above the Laurel Burch jacket fabrics are the leftovers from this quilt. I have always wanted to try "The 6 Hour Quilt" from Kaye Wood. Note: this link is to the pdf and will automatically download.

If you want to see other design walls you can visit Patchwork Times.


  1. What pretty fabrics and colors! I love Laurel Birch but haven't made anything with her fabrics... yet!

    Looking forward to seeing your jacket!

  2. The jacket is off to a good start! Do you have a go-to jacket pattern that you use?

  3. You're creating...that's what counts.

  4. Love the colors of the fabric - they make me smile!