13 January 2014

Not an exciting design wall

So what are these? Flannel blocks. It is flannel that had be destined for a different project and a good thing I over purchased on the quantity.

A while back, I purchased a "seems-like" down comforter. I can't do a down comforter because of a feather allergy. I knew the comforter needed protection because it was white. White? And so, the idea was born to make a duvet cover.

All would have been well, except I read my notes wrong and only cut 48 blocks at 13" square. It should have been 14" with the seam allowances included. Arggh! Back to EQ7 for the figuring. A duvet cover made of just squares shouldn't be hard, right? Wrong.

Since the comforter is 106x90 I needed to make the cover 104x88 + a flange or flap or something for the closure. The closure, BTW, is snap tape. I decided to take it easy on myself, because the last one I made used buttons and buttonholes. Oh, and it wasn't smaller than the comforter which made for Troubles with a capital T.

It turns out that the final block count needed to be 75 at 11x11.5 cutting size. I know, right? I had to put tape on my large square cutting ruler to show me where to cut so no more mistakes would be made. And since the blocks were now a smaller and different size, the half blocks needed to be cut again also. Half blocks? Well, I designed this 'simple' cover as a strippie and utilized the dropped block so there wouldn't be any matching of seams.

Do you remember that this is flannel? Flannel ravels and there will be a lot of that going on since this is a duvet cover and not a quilt. I will be serging these block together so that all seams will be encased thus removing that little problem. I hope.

Wish me luck on this little project. Visit here for more lovely project on design walls.


  1. I rarely work with flannel because it ravels so much. However, I have seen some beautiful flannel - it's tempting. . .

  2. Bless you, my friend! However, those are lovely flannels and I'm sure your duvet cover will be beautiful... albeit a "challenge"... thank goodness for sergers!

  3. what's that line, cut it twice and its still too short??!! I hate math and it hates me do I sympathize with you!!

  4. UGH I hate it when I screw up on measurements! And, honestly, I do it more than I should! Flannels are so nice and warm but can be such a pain to sew on!

  5. Arrrgggh... math! I'm sure your cover will be well worth all the effort. Flannel can be a pain sometimes, be sure and clean your bobbin case frequently! Have a wonderful weekend, Paula!