24 January 2014

On the Needles, Friday January 24, 2014

I have two different projects on the needles today. There are the ever-present socks in green. Don't you love that stitch pattern? The sock pattern is called Ashes by Monika Steinbauer. The link goes to the free download Ravelry page. This pattern extends the fake-cable down the heel and makes a really nice effect.

The other item on the needles is a sweater. I am not going to link to the pattern because I have found and error or two in the pattern.

Isn't it funny that I have solid colored yarn on both sets of needles?
Warning: rant ahead.

Have you ever run across a pattern, be it a quilt or knitted item, that is so stingy in it's instructions that it is hard to figure out? I am working on one right now. It is the Bari Ruffle-Rib Cardigan. Isn't it a beauty? It looks simple doesn't it? Ha! I started on the back section and in the second row of the border, I realized something was amiss. I went to the Ravelry page and found the errata sheet. For the SECOND ROW.


Proceeding to knit the back, I get to the shoulders/neck area and hit another road block. Very strange directions that took me several hours to puzzle out. Ok, the back is done. Whew!

Now it is time for the fronts, and I decided to knit them both at the same time. This was a good idea, because it made me re-read the directions for both sides. After going through the left side directions, the right side directions consist of: "Work as for left side, reversing all shaping". Seriously? A bit of time with a word processing app helped to make sense of this part of the pattern.

Really, it shouldn't be this hard.

I hope it looks as good on me as it does the model, but I would need to be thinner and younger.

For more on the needles, visit here.


  1. Paula, I'm not at all tired of looking at your green socks; I can't say the same for my beige and pink ones! I think it's just plain sad when designers don't value their own work enough to fix mistakes. I hope your sweater turns out wonderful!

  2. Obviously, some designers do not have test knitters for their patterns, and they really should. I've knit a few items that made me cranky with the directions, or lack thereof, and only muddling through on my own resulted in a facsimile of the pattern photo. Good luck with the sweater.

  3. Love the texture on both. Beautiful!

  4. Love the colors of your socks and sweater. The patterns are beautiful as well. I'm going to have to look at the sock pattern! Thanks for sharing.