22 January 2014

Winter Outing

Actually, it was late fall. November to be exact, when my BFF and I took a road trip to Estes Park. This was only one week after US Highway 34 was reopened at the devasting flash flood on September 11.

We started out at Lake Loveland.

It was a slow drive since the speed limit has been lowered because of the road repairs. As we came around a curve this is what we saw. I had to carefully apply the brakes because it was just so slick and I didn't want to hit any of the herd or go off into the river to my left. In the winter, the big horn sheep are drawn to the road because of the salt that is spread.

It was a lovely, albeit cold, day for a road trip. Not too much traffic and we did a bit of shopping at the yarn store in Estes Park.


  1. always a thrill to see the wildlife if you can stop in time!! beautiful photos