02 January 2014

The making of a wreath

I should have posted this before Christmas, but you know how that goes. Shrug.

Many years ago, I made a very large wreath using a macrame hoop (see that skinny wire thing in the photo?), artificial greenery, red lights and a red bow. It had seen better days and the hoop was sagging which gave the wreath had a definite egg shape. Time to make a new one.

Hobby Lobby had a fine sale before Christmas and I was able to score the greenery covered wreath for 50% off! Add in the lights, gee-gaws and bow and here is the new wreath.

Several of the small red ornaments fell off during the hanging and were just placed back on. Once it comes down off the outside of the house, I am going to use my glue gun and semi-permanently glue them back on the wreath into their proper place. The little gizmo at the top of the ornament that has the legs that go into the ornament? Well those legs are too short and the ornament keeps coming apart. Hence the glue gun.

The person who hung the wreath is so regimented. sigh. I wanted the bow off-center, doesn't look off-center does it? And when the balls fell off, they were put back symmetrically instead of clustered like they were originally. But all that can be fixed before next season.

It still looks good!


  1. Love it . . . . and I especially like the useage of the term 'gee gaws' I thought I was the only one who said that *s*

  2. ...beautimous! Love your new wreath with all the gee-gaws!

  3. I love wreaths and keep a grapevine one on my door all year long.

  4. I laughed out loud when I read about "the person who hung the wreath". Isn't it a hoot that someone who is around us all the time can have such an opposite view of what looks right? It is beautiful either way. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I like it! Turned very nicely. I know somebody in this household who might hang a wreath a bit differently than I would.