25 February 2014

I am a walking billboard

Yes, indeed. I love to make hats and wear them often. In the last two days, I have taken orders for two hats: one with a bill and one with ear flaps. Both times I was wearing the hat. Since the customers wanted to have them in different colors than I was wearing I just HAD to go shopping. Oh twist my arm.

Did you notice that the knit the stash button over there on the right had an addition to the stash added? Maybe I shouldn't out myself.

Want to see what I got? This green is for the hat with earflaps.

This gray is for the brimmed hat.


  1. Good for you! Will stay tuned for the finish. :)

  2. Love those colors and the recipients will, too.

    I don't like to knit with Yarn Bee yarn. Do you have good luck with it?