26 February 2014

Swaying To and Fro

Have you seen this year's block of the month quilt from The Quilt Show? I love love love this! ♥

The problem I am having is that I can't make up my mind how I want it to look as an end result. I have gone this way with the fabric and then swayed that way with the fabric.

Here is the latest selection.
The bright green is actually a fabric and not my cutting mat. :)
The white is a white-on-white and there is a touch of gray in the prints. Would it look more modern if I pulled out that light green under the white? Suggestions?

This next photo shows the values.

What do you think? Should I use this combo or start over? I will fully consider each and every suggestion.


  1. I love the BOM! It's almost worth paying for a subscription to the site!!

  2. I like the fabric choices , but agree the light minty green doesn't really work. If it was me, I would pull in a different sold color (maybe a bright yellow, or pink). I can't really see the gray in the prints from this oicture, but that might work too.

  3. I love the bright colors, but agree that the mint green needs replaced.

  4. I would not include the light green.

  5. That is a pretty BOM quilt! The fabric is really pretty, and would look together. I agree with your latest post that it may be too busy to use in the quilt, unless you used the patterned fabric very sparingly.