03 March 2014

Other sewing going on

I have been sewing home dec type things. Oh, yeah! This was gifted at a wedding shower so I can show it to you.

The bride's wedding colors are black and white and so I made some reversible place mats and 'go with' napkins. The place mats are quilted in an organic somewhat straight line .5" apart. I realized first thing, that there was no way I could work on that chevron side so I flipped it and worked on the spotted side. My eyes said 'thank you'.  I measured my favorite place mats and made these 12" x 18" Fat quarter friendly indeed.

I dug out the serger again. Boy howdy, is that thing getting a workout lately! Anyway, I went to the drawer with the serger threads looking for some wooly nylon for the upper looper. Why do I have SO MUCH wooly nylon? Was there a sale? A little of this stuff goes a long way so I'll have this until the end of time. I must start using it in the heels of the knitted socks to add a bit more durability.

So here are the napkins with their rolled hems done on the serger. Napkins, by the way, are a very nice quick gift to make and give. Especially if you have a serger sewing machine. An added bonus is that it uses a goodly amount of stash. I make my napkins a generous 17" square so a fat quarter works wonderfully.

Fabric stashes are wonderful things because everything, including the flannel 'batting', came from the stash.

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  1. A wonderful gift for a young couple!