24 March 2014

Spring Cleaning

It started innocently enough. I was digging through the vanity cabinet under the bathroom sink for something and the next thing I know there was a pile of expired cosmetics on the vanity. And it didn't stop there.

Here's the back story of the photo.

Back in 2001, I ran out of blades for my Personal Touch razor. I searched and searched and absolutely could not find them locally. Refill packages were ordered online and stashed. Fast forward 13 years. I ran out of blades and was lamenting that a search for a new razor was imminent. One that had the characteristics of the old one: no swivel head, 2-3 blades, an aloe strip, and fits my hand perfectly. I wanted my old Personal Touch... waaaaaa. The old razor has sat on the vanity for several days now while others are being tested. I just could not throw it away!

Now, back to the spring clean out. Guess what I found? Yep! Two packages of refills!! Big sigh of relief here. I now wonder how many packages I bought back in 2001 to still have 2. Now isn't it a good thing I procrastinated on throwing out the old razor handle?

Have you thrown out any old cosmetics lately? My criteria was based on what I wear, or in this case, don't wear. Everything that I don't use or don't like went into the sack. So long and thanks for all the fish.


  1. I always know it's going to be an adventure when it begins "innocently enough"! Me too. With my mluck I would have thrown the handle out right before discovering the refills... so glad you waited. Score!! :)

  2. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I still have my razor handle too. I have hope!
    Quilt Friend

  3. All winter I've been purging. Good stuff heads off the Goodwill and trash, well, that goes in the trash. It was amazing how many things I bought and ended up not liking (some cosmetics) or didn't use at all (craft supplies, clothes). I'm trying to be much pickier now when I go to the store.

    Also wanted to answer a question you asked on Nancy Kay's blog about Dragonfly socks. That pattern DOES work well on variagated yarn. I've made several pair and almost any yarn color works.

  4. I've been purging closets this winter and have a huge pile to donate.

    I even found a few razors - no refill blades. I don't like the new styles with the wide heads that swivel!

  5. I've started my spring cleaning too...a job I hate to do. But I love the results if I can just power through. You sure made a great find! Yahoo!

  6. With my luck, the trash truck would have come and gotten the razor and would be driving away just when I find the refills. Glad the timing worked better for you. Back when they were having big sales on razors and competing with each other, I managed to snag a whole bunch of free razors - didn't need to buy any for years. Now, it just seems wrong to have to pay for them!

  7. Oh my! How funny! I don't wear much makeup and when I go through it, I can toss a bunch, and shudder if I look at the dates, or colors, what was I thinking??