15 March 2014

The Glass Blower

I am lucky enough to work for a bronze sculptor. This in turn, allows me access to other artists. I know, how fortunate I am!

In October 2013, I visited a glass blower's studio and it was totally fascinating. Isn't it funny how each artistic endeavor has it's own jargon? For instance, I always thought the term 'glory hole' was in reference to gold mining. But it is also the glass blower's term for the furnace.

She blew that bulb shape several times. She would dip it into glass particles, heat it up and then blow. And then repeat the process.

The end product! A beautiful organic star-shaped platter with a lily pattern in the center.


  1. When it comes to glass blowing, it's about as magical as it gets! I've watched so many specials on PBS and spend half my time fascinated and the other half hoping they don't get burned! But what a beautiful craft and art form! Love this starfish!

  2. Amazing! You do have a great job.

  3. Wow! What a wonderful experience that must have been... and what a fabulous platter! Amazing....

  4. I've seen glass blowing done in person. It is fascinating!

  5. Isn't that an amazing process?! Beautiful platter.