12 April 2014

Not Friday, Saturday OTN.

Are you ready for a photo heavy post? I have a lot of finishes this week. Do you remember me talking about the Hapi Coat I was knitting? You know, the one that had so much dye on the yarn that it stained the knitting needles AND my hands? I washed the dye off my hands after every knitting session. Well, it is finished! And just in time to wear it for the last storm of the season, hopefully

I tried to mitigate some of the dye crocking. Crocking is the term for the dye rubbing off on, say, the needles or your hands or a white shirt. I soaked it in a soapy water bath for about 20 minutes or so. The yarn needed to absorb that water and plump up.

The funny thing is, that dye didn't really bleed out in the bath water. It did, however, just keep running out in the rinse water. I COULD NOT get that water to run clear. Maybe someday? In the meantime, I will have to wear dark shirts under it.

The perfect spot in my house for blocking knitted items is on the guest bed. It will be undisturbed under the overhead fan.

The short row shawl collar is very cozy around my neck.

The dye pattern on the yarn knitted up into spirals on the sleeves.

The body was knit using a moss stitch: k1p1 for two rows and the p1k1 for two rows. I have 700 yards of this yarn left, should I knit a scarf or shawl? It's a puzzlement.

And there is more! I finally finished the mobile project. I usually carry the sock knitting with me in my bag because it is so very portable. Here is the latest pair and they are for ME! Yes, I finally made a pair of socks for myself. I used Brown Sheep Yarn Wildefoote Luxury Sock yarn and they are soft and warm. Believe me on this, would I lie?

And if you can stand just one more photo, here are two pair of infant socks. Oh the cuteness! It is hard to tell from the photo, but the foot of these socks is only 2" long. I made a short row heel before continuing up the leg. They looked just a bit small to me, but it has been a long time since I have been around an infant. So I took the first sock with me to my local coffee shop because there is always a new mommy or two there. Luck! One came in pushing a stroller with a sweet little 6 week old. I held the sock up and asked here if this would fit an infant. "Let's see!" she said and proceeded to whip the little one's current sock off and put on this one. YES! Score one for Grandma!

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  1. Would the product Retayne work on yarn? It sure helps fabric that wants to bleed.

  2. Love the baby sock fitting session!

    Did you try a vinegar bath for your bleeding coat? Seems odd the color only bled in the rinse cycle. I do love the look of your coat. Great finish

  3. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Paula - Grandma? Is there something that you have not told me? (JK)


    Your Quilty Friend

  4. The sweater is lovely. I know it's crazy when it bleeds. I soaked my shawl in vinegar, but it still bleed pink when it was rinsing.

  5. Very pretty projects!! The sweater is gorgeous and should be great to wear. I like the socks too, and got a charge out of your using a random baby to see if they would fit. LOL.

  6. Love the knit baby sock story. Moms go crazy for hand knits! And should a grandbaby come your way, I can assure you, you will adore being a grandmother. I do!

  7. Wow! Love the top and socks! That is a lot of knitting, you put me to shame! I've got to get going!