14 April 2014

Still Nothing on the Wall

You would be wrong if you think that only knitting has been happening. Do you see those numbers? 433 liberated string blocks that measure 4.5 x 10". There are several layouts floating around my brain for these. Do I want to make a coin quilt? Or do I want to sub-cut these further into 60 degree diamonds for stars? These are a nice size for a piano key border or sashing. What to do, what to do. Something will come to mind, I'm sure.

I use these Kabnet Wax sheets. By cutting them approximately in half along the fold of the sheet, sewing string strips to them and then trimming them down to the required size, I end up with lots of these blocks.  In fact, this session resulted in no more strings. What??! You read that correctly: I am currently out of scrappy strings.

But never fear! The basket was restocked with red, white and blue string that need to be sorted and trimmed down. Some are chunks rather than strings. These blocks will be 10x10, using the whole Kabnet Wax sheet.

I love this rice basket as it holds so many strings. It's size is quite deceptive.

And so, that is what is in my design drawer and basket, not the wall.


  1. I purchased the wax sheets a couple of years ago to do this, but ended up using them in the kitchen because I thought they would be too difficult to remove from the blocks. Have you had a problem with removal?

    Congratulations on eliminating a lot of strings!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what all of these prints become! I'm so bad at putting colors together! *grin*