02 May 2014

On the Needles Today

There are two different projects on the needles today.

I have made progress on the hand-to-hand sweater for my sister. The first sleeve is knit and I am working on the shoulder. Progress, progress. I am lovin' that cable.

And then there are the socks. These are the trail socks; the pattern is Diana’s Trail Socks from Mountain Colors). Scroll down on the page a bit to find the sock pattern.
The pattern has you knit a cuff and then change to a twisted rib. At 4" you turn the sock inside out and knit a rib. The sock is worn with the 4" cuff turned down toward the ankle. 


  1. Fabulous sweater, your sister is lucky!

  2. You've been very busy with your needles... the sleeve looks great! And that sock pattern sounds cool...

  3. Wow, the sock pattern sounds interesting.

    Hand to Hand is going to be beautiful. I love that color!

  4. Yes, your sister is a lucky woman! I like the colors of the sock yarn that you're working with. Enjoy your knitting!

  5. I tried one hand to hand sweater (nightmare for me, gauge problems lol) I know yours will be beautiful!