06 May 2014

Ruffly Borders

Way back in 1992, I finished this quilt. It was the second quilt I ever made. I was ambitious. My step-grandmother, Vera, made the football shapes including the muslin. But that was all there was. I drafted and redrafted the centers where the posies are painted before I got one that fit right. The medallion portion of this quilt was all hand pieced and I painted the posies and leaves. Not knowing any better, I measured for the borders on the sides and not through the center. And I STILL didn't notice the ruffly borders before hand quilting this 83"x83" quilt using the same posy as I painted on the medallion.

And so, this quilt is what it is, because I am not removing the hand quilting (through a polyester batting no less) to take the wave out of the borders. Nope, not going to happen.

I had to explain about the quilt itself before I could tell you that I finally got the quilt hanging system installed so I can put quilts up on the wall that reaches from the basement to the cathedral ceiling. I still need to fiddle with the pulleys a bit, but all-in-all I love the way it works and looks. This quilt is actually the only one in the house with a hanging sleeve and so it was the first one to go onto the wall. I hope by hanging it for a while some of the creases and ruffling will subside.


  1. So nice to see a beautiful quilt hanging on the wall being appreciated for the beauty it is .. I am impressed that you hand quilted that large quilt and worked so hard to get the quilt finished. It is lovely and I bet looks stunning hanging on the wall.
    Thanks for sharing your quilt journey..
    Warmest regards,

  2. It's beautiful! It's history makes it even more precious.

  3. It is so beautiful, I always tell myself hand crafted isn't perfect, I love the story!