12 July 2014

Here I Am!

I am still here, but haven't had the time or desire to blog. Has that happened to you? I have been keeping occupied, thought, with knitting and quilting and gardening and, of course, work.

DH and I are doing a garden redesign, and knowing him like I do, I realized that it probably wouldn't be finished this year. So I planted my garden in containers. The yard is dotted with blue containers: the bell peppers are over there, and the tomatoes are here. Oh and let's not forget the squash and pumpkins. Lettuce and basil are hiding under the row covers over in the corner. The plants don't mind as long as they get water and food.

Today was designated quilt basting day. My feet are telling me that I basted two baby quilts and four table runners. Next step is to quilt them.

At any given time there are two different projects on the knitting needles. There are the ever present socks that I carry in my bag for those waiting moments. I save the bits of sock yarn and then knit up some squares when I get four or five in the basket. The squares measure 7.5" and will eventually be combined into a blanket. It is a visual record of all the socks I have knitted. So currently, it is just a pair of socks and the squares. My Sister's Sweater is still waiting to be blocked.

I recently finished this ripple baby afghan. No, it isn't knitted but crocheted. I love the ripple pattern and believe it is my go-to pattern for crocheted afghans.


  1. I have a knitted chevron pattern that makes a similar afghan.

  2. Summertime is a hard time to blog because I am in the garden and trying to cram everything into my day that I set aside during the winter while homeschooling our son. Fall will be here before you know it and the "mood" will return to blog. Love your blanket!

  3. So pretty! You sure know how to keep busy!!

  4. Love your idea of using leftover yarn for making blocks to use in a blanket. A great way to keep reminders of your past projects! Baby blanket is very pretty, I love the ripple pattern too. I am saving all my extra quilt blocks to someday make a quilt from them, should be interesting to put together.......

  5. Baby afghan is very nice. Babies love to be swaddled in hand knit receiving blankets...just saying. Everyone takes a break from their blogs at some point. Life happens, time flies, well, you know. I actually posted a couple of finishes to my blog. I'm only about two years behind, but what's the hurry? Enjoy your summer of garden changes. :-D