21 July 2014

Denver Botanic Gardens and Dale Chihuly

On Friday, I went to the Denver Botanic Gardens where the Dale Chihuly exhibit is installed until November 30, 2014. To say the glass and plant combination was stunning would be an understatement. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order. Click on the photo to make it bigger.
Such lovely shades of blue in amongst the plants.

These looked like wintergreen candy with the yellow hollyhocks.

Black and white in front of the Indian Blanket flower.

There is almost an alien feel to this one. It reminds me of frog 'hands' reaching over the side of the boat.

I ♥ ♥ ♥ this red and yellow glass and pink single hollyhocks together.

A boatload of colorful glass balls.

It was a perfect day to shoot the water lilies. Not too bright with just a bit of overcast.

I had a grand time in the gardens.


  1. Paula what great photos! I love his glass art. I saw a PBS about how he creates and how they set up one of the shows; it was fascinating. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Oh how beautiful... the gardens and the glass art! Fabulous... not sure which photo I like best... thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful photos. I haven't been to the Denver Garden In years. Perhaps, I'll go on my next visit.

  4. My favorite is the first one. It's gorgeous!

  5. How fortunate you were to see his extraordinary work - he is amazing!

  6. Beautiful photographs! We have some of his artwork in our conservatory as well, and it is gorgeous.

  7. Love Chihuly. Great photos. Looks like a really fun day.