25 September 2014

Fall Color

Click the photo to zoom.
 Even with my fingers and thumbs bandaged I was able to go on one last camping trip last weekend. In fact, the way they were bandaged facilitated taking photos with the big camera, at least when it came to holding it.

The color of the aspen trees in the campground and surrounding forest were great! As the weekend progressed, I could see the color deepening and the greener trees were showing a bit more gold. Around the campground the gray squirrels were scurrying to their storage holes with unopened pine cones. The ground around the hole opening was littered with the remains of the pine cones after the squirrels removed the 'nut'.

Overheard two teenaged boys as they walked by our camping spot: "Siri? Siri? Are you there?" LOL! There was absolutely NO cell service where we camped at 8,100 feet elevation.

Despite the hands, it was a wonderful relaxing weekend. Just what I needed.


  1. Glad to hear you are mobile and enjoyed the camping trip.

    For the first time in years, the trees are showing their beautiful Fall color. I love it!

  2. Beautiful trees. We have gone from summer to rain here. The leaves are getting washed off the trees.

  3. What a pretty fall picture of the woods. I had to laugh at story of the kids trying to talk to Siri!! We have a lot of dead spots here where it's too remote for Siri. Enjoy the beautiful fall colors.