22 December 2014

Clara's Quilt

Clara's Quilt is done! This is another barter quilt and at the end of this post is the item I got in return. The quilt is a Double Four Patch that has the color melding in a spiral. I did the quilting on my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen.

This first photo is a close up of the quilting in one block. Doing ruler work, I first laid down straight lines in the white squares. I think this was the SLOWEST part of quilting this quilt. After that was done, I quilted back and forth lines from one square to the next.

There is a center formed on this quilt by the blocks, so I did a variation of the quilting pattern that I used elsewhere. The fern-like vine that you can see in the colored portion on the left in the above photo, was modified to look like a peacock feather in that middle section.

The outer border was quilted with a piano key design. See that white inner border? That is only 3/8" wide and it is pieced into the quilt. I just ditch quilted on each side of it. I used the tutorial here, go about 1/3 of the way down the page.
Here's the photo of the back again.
And here is the over-all quilt. It was a very windy day today (wind gusts up to 70mph!) and I NEEDED to get the photos taken this morning before handing the quilt over. So the only place that works is my bed. At least with the low light, the quilting shows up.

I traded the quilt for this bronze sculpture. He is life size and I move him around the house. I call him Kitty Gato.

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  1. Very nice quilt! Love it.

  2. You did a fantastic job!!!

  3. What a great deal you made - a win/win for everyone involved!

  4. Love your quilt. The colors are wonderful.

  5. That's quite a trade!

  6. The quilt is beautiful, the quilting stupendous! They are so lucky you were willing to trade this...I guess you really wanted the kitty!

  7. the quilting is awesome, love the piano keys, and the 3/8" strip, very nice!