23 January 2015

Finishes finishes

I have several finishes to share with you.

It hasn't all been knitting and crocheting. I actually have a quilt done. This is for my grand-niece, Jordan. She loves pink and purple, can you tell? I cut some leftover Cuddle fabric (left over from making jammies) into 10" squares and put it on the back. Oh, never again! I just did not enjoy that process.

This quilt was made TOTALLY from stash. I am so proud of myself for that accomplishment. Because of the stretchy quality of the Cuddle I put the quilt under the sewing machine needle and tacked it down using a bar tack. There was no way I was going to try to quilt this.

The Skyp Socks are finally, finally finished. I started these in Sep 2014 and finished them today. This pic shows them blocking. What can I say? I got extremely bored with them.

And one more finish. I had two skeins of off white acrylic yarn, so I cast on for an enlarged version of Grandmother's Favorite dishcloth, only this is a baby swaddling blanket as it is 30" square. Easiest knitted baby blanket EVEH!

And on the hook is one more crocheted baby blanket. It's the last one for a while, I swear! Honest.

I'm linking up to Judy L's Patchwork Times.


  1. Dishcloth baby blanket. Great idea!

  2. Your Skyp socks look very good. I think your baby blanket made from the dishcloth pattern is an ingenious idea. It look pretty.

  3. you have been BUSY as usual, love the colors in the quilt, and still looking at that baby dishcloth blanket, I really love that pattern.

  4. You have been busy!!

  5. Your swaddling blanket looks oh-so comfy and the quilt is sure to be loved and cuddled under for a long time to come... I love the back!! Great finishes (socks too); YAY, Paula!

  6. Good job on the Skyp socks; I'm stalled on mine, too. I've done a couple "dishcloth" baby blankets and have liked the results also. Love that quilt! Bravo for conquering the Cuddle fabric; I've had a few words with Minkie. They sound similar.

  7. Great work on all the finishes!!

    I can imagine the time spent on those socks... that's a long leg section!!

    I would like to whip up a baby blanket soon, and I was considering the washcloth pattern, which I have made countless times. Yours turned into a beautiful blanket!!

  8. You certainly have no problem keeping busy! Yay for finishes!

  9. I've wondered how that fabric is too work with...I'm avoiding it. Those gorgeous socks! Might have been a bore to knit, but very nice results. And I really like the dishcloth style swaddling blanket.