02 January 2015

OTN January 2, 2015

I really DO have a finish already this year! I finished up this crocheted afghan on New Year's Day. Do you remember that big ole sack of acrylic yarn I picked up at the thrift store? I am making a very noticeable dent in it! In fact, there are only two afghans left to make. If you follow the link in the last post you will see how many I have already made. All but two of the crocheted/knitted blankets will be donated to Project Linus.

Here is yesterday's finish.

Of course, I started a new project immediately. I just can't sit around with idle hands and I want to get all these blankets completed and washed and then donated.

This batch of yarn made me really think about what to make since it is a brown and not very child-like. There is 5 skeins, which is really unusual coming from the thrift store. It seems very masculine to me, so I started a chevron afghan with it.

This is my go-to crochet pattern for afghans. I have lost count how many of these I've made. Am I in a rut?
There are several ways to make these, but I prefer the single crochet over the double crochet.

I am going to link up with JudyL's On The Needles today.


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  2. You certainly have made great use of that bag of thrift yarn. Maybe the brown yarn was for a man's sweater or lots of sock hats. lol

  3. You have made use of all the thrift shop yarns. Maybe the brown was for a man's sweater or watch caps.

  4. My mom crocheted. I love my chevron afghan (in my high school colors)

  5. You are off to a good start! 👏

  6. Nice work! Project Linus is a great cause.