09 February 2015

Upcycled Sweatshirt in six easy steps.

I had this pale green sweatshirt that fit nicely; it wasn't one of those with raglan sleeves. It suffered a fate that involved bleach. Boo hoo. But I still wore it until about 3 weeks ago when I decided to make a jacket out of it.

Unfortunately I didn't take photos of the process, but you can search online for the technique to turn a sweatshirt into a cardigan or jacket.

  1. Take the sweatshirt apart
  2. Use the sweatshirt pieces to rough cut fabric to cover the outside of the shirt
  3. Quilt the pieces. I lucked out, because the batik I used had a nice vine on it that I followed as my quilting
  4. Trim the fabric to match the sweatshirt fleece
  5. Reassemble the sweatshirt and add binding around the cuff and neck/front/hemline
  6. Add the zipper
You're done!

This was some cheap batik that I didn't want to use in a quilt and decided that it would be better as a garment. It almost has a camouflage look to it, doesn't it?


  1. It's very pretty. You should model it for us!

  2. It's gorgeous and I know you'll enjoy wearing it.

  3. It does have a camouflage look to it... wait; ... what jacket; where did it go?

    Great recycling idea!

  4. That is just the slickest way to update or recycle a sweatshirt. Love the idea!! Nice job.

  5. This look great. A great way to keep using something you like wearing.