18 February 2015

It hasn't been all yarn time

I took a bit of time out and made these two cute pouches.

The first one is just something I made for my grand-niece, Jordan. It accompanied the quilt that I gifted to her.

This pouch is in my purse for things because I hate not being able to find stuff in my bag.

I am having issues with one of my eyes. Sparks and floaters. Floaters and sparks. It has a neat sound for something not very pleasant. I wear glasses and I feel like some one has put petroleum jelly on one of the lenses because I am straining to see through the gunk. The doc said it will somewhat dissipate overtime, but it is highly unsettling to see through this cobwebby stuff. Needless to say, fine hand sewing is out of the question.


  1. Doc checked for detached retina? Worrisome as well as bothersome! Cute pouches!

  2. Experiencing something similar. Had surgery this week to address. Hope yours clears quickly.

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Wow, make sure to have that eye checked out if it gets worse!


  4. Your pouches are cute. Your eye situation sounds like a huge pain... I hope you find some relief soon, keep us posted on your progress. Sending hugs~

  5. Good luck with your eye issue. Its my worst fear! Sweet pouches. I need to make up a few. You can be my inspiration.