09 March 2015

Sick Computer

 The desktop computer at home REFUSES to turn on. What is with that? After surfing through various online forums (via my iPad) I have diagnosed a possible power supply problem. That is more than I want to deal with, so after opening it up and cleaning out the dust I dropped it off at the computer repair doc.

I have been trying to get a little more time out of this tired ole Vista-running computer, but it might be time to upgrade. Depends on what doc finds. I am hoping that I can cannibalize the old one for pieces and parts for the new one (if I have to buy a new one). That way I can get just a basic tower and add the enhancements from the old one.

And so, I wait.

UPDATE 3/10/15: Just as I suspected, it is the power supply. But because this is one of the slimline models, the computer doctor doesn't keep this model in stock and has to order it. I'll have the desktop back next week. At least now I know time with this desktop is more limited than I thought and I'll have to get crackin' on figuring out what software I have will need to be upgraded so it can run on a different platform. 


  1. Know how you feel. We have a Windows98 desktop that I LOVE. I am mocked and chided by the techies in my life. But 98 and me - we just understand each other.

  2. Having recently replaced my computer, I can relate to your frustration.

    I'm trying out a new email for leaving comments. I hope it works and that I quit bouncing comments. Nancy - Wyoming Breezes

  3. I'm another member of that club. It's time for me to upgrade and I find it overwhelming.

  4. I hope your computer issues work out for the best.

  5. Ohhhh nooooo. I hope you get your computer fixed/upgraded.