01 April 2015

Walls and windows

I have this window in the front of the house. It is tall and narrow and a perfect place for a stained glass window. My auntie commissioned a stained glass artist to make this window for me. I love flowers and music and both of those passions are represented in the window. The red tulips and the blue lyre.

In the winter, the sun is at a lower angle and the stained glass window reflects it's colors on the wall next to the window.

About that wall. Here it is: reaching from the roof down to the lower level basement: all 23 feet of it. The color from the window is marching down the stairs and will soon be out of sight. It is only on this wall for about 15 minutes a day in the winter. In the spring and summer and early fall, the sun is too high in the sky to get this effect.

This is the wall that I talked about in a previous post. Remember? I ordered the system, now it is a matter of finding a helper to put it up.

Don't you think a quilt would look splendid on this wall?


  1. The reflection is gorgeous!

    Yes, the wall is perfect for hanging a quilt. Be careful on the ladder.

  2. What a beautiful stained glass window, and the sun shining through it makes for a wonderful display of color on the wall. I love that. Yes, that wall is perfect for a quilt.

  3. Gorgeous window! A quilt would be perfect on that wall! Do you have one I mind?

  4. Would be a shame if you didn't take advantage of this display wall. Hope the quilt hanging goes well.