09 April 2015

Hi There

My heart hasn't been into blogging for a while; have I lost my muse? But I thought I really should try to write a decent post.

I am currently on a hiatus from knitting so I can let the arthritic fingers get back to 'normal'. Here are the last things I knitted this year. Just in time for warm weather. :) They are with the rest of the woolens, awaiting cooler weather.

I have been sewing however. I cut kits for myself and some have been in the sewing room for a while. A long while. I have been steadily stitching them together. I now have eleven tops on the hangers in the guestroom closet and another on the design wall is just about ready to hang out here with it's siblings.

Spring has arrived here in my part of the world and I have already gone out and removed last year's dead growth from several of the flower beds. The asparagus is producing wonderfully and has been appearing on the dinner plates regularly for over a week. The rhubarb started to bolt so I cut the flowers off and gave it lots of water, in hopes of making it a bit stronger. It is only the first year for it, but I hope to get enough from it this year for a least one rhubarb crisp. I need to go into the furthest garden bed to see if the horseradish is starting to pop up. How is your garden growing?

The whole yarden is being redesigned so there will be a lot of hardscaping going on around here: removing stuff, spreading stuff, adding concrete. Whew, I'm tired just reading that and I'm the one who is going to do some of the work (and work it will be).


  1. Love the pirate cap! Very cool...

    No gardening here... another thing that is waiting for retirement to happen.

    I'm going to try a quilting design you suggested to me a while back on the next UFO project... unless I get chicken and back out! *lol*

    Good to hear from you!

  2. Hmmmm. It never occurred to me to think where horseradish comes from....google here I come!

    Hang in there. Just dabble in something creative. It will come.

  3. Ooooh, I love those clog slippers! What pattern/yarn did you use?

  4. Your blogging muse will return . . . in its own time. Good to know that you are sewing and doing other things that feed your soul.

  5. Sorry about your fingers. My blog muse comes and goes. I am working on being gentle with myself ☺️