04 May 2015

So out of character

I cut out this 'kit' a long time ago, so long ago I can't remember when. Have you ever done that? This is a free pattern that I found on the Blank Quilting site. I just checked and it has been pulled. It is a quilt designed by Janet Houts for Blank Quilting and the finished size is 58" x 70".

See that green square? And to the right of it that aged muslin square? I am going to use the green one because it is the same value. If you turn the photo to gray scale that muslin one jumps out and waves it arms. What is out of character for me is it is almost a monochrome color scheme.

Oh and do you see those big squares and rectangles? Would you believe that they are the same fabric? It is a hand-dyed fabric that had total dye saturation so I could use both sides of the fabric. Sweeeeet.

What's on your design wall?


  1. I'm not a big fan of purple, but I think this quilt could change that. I'm eager to see it progress.

  2. Paula, I had a FQ of that purple/white print that I just pulled off the shelf 2 days ago to use as the backing for a mini round-robin quilt! It's probably been in the stash for 10 years...