27 July 2015

Is It Cheating...

to use a 'cheater panel'? Not that this is a panel, but I thought it would be a wonderful piece of fabric to practice the Cathedral Window/Orange Peel type of quilting.

I backed it with fleece and quilted away! This is a wonderful way to build quilting muscle memory.

It is now bound (don't you love polka dots), labeled and in the donate pile.

I also completed two Infinity scarves from some rayon I found hanging out in the fabric stash. One for me and one for somebody else. Rayon makes a nice scarf, don't you think?


  1. OH, I like it! Not cheating at all, but creating a lovely!!

  2. I like it, too!

    Of course, it's not "cheating" since you did all the wonderful quilting.

    Love the scarves, too.

  3. Absolutely! Just so long as a fuzzy warm quilt gets hugged, it's still a quilt. Very pretty scarf. Soft spring colors.

  4. Sounds and looks like the perfect way to build your skills! Pretty scarves!

  5. What a beautiful quilt! I am sure someone will absolutely love its beauty and its warmth.

  6. That's a great little quilt for a certain little girl...and the scarf looks soft and pretty. Your quilting is coming along nicely.