14 September 2015

A New/Old Favorite Tool

Have you ever used the SimFlex Expanding Sewing Gauge? It is great for easily getting equally spaced buttonholes, buttons, pleats and other things when sewing. This might look familiar to those of you who have done garment sewing in the past.

Here's how I use it now. Quilting! Yes, it is great for quick unmeasured marks when quilting. This first photo is of the area that needs the tic marks. That print fabric is 2x8 and I want equal 2" dividers. I could measure it out but that is too fiddly and slow for me. I want to get this quilt done.

Here I have set up my gauge for marking. (Well used quilting gloves, huh?)

Here's a better shot. By lining up one of the 'fingers' at each end of the 8" strip I have the positions I need to make the marks. What the photo doesn't show is the rest of the gauge off the right edge of the photo.

Isn't this sweet? I love finding new uses for older tools.


  1. Just going back and reading your posts from a couple of months ago as I have sort of been on a hiatus of posting or reading my favorite blogs this summer. Now that it is fall and not so much yard work maybe I can stay more current and get back in the habit while drinking my morning cup/cups of tea. I have a proportional scale somewhere and need to dig it out as I sure could have used it when re-sizing a bag I was making recently. I never had one of the slim flex gauges but that looks handy to have also.

  2. I found a proportion scale like you featured earlier in a quilt shop & labeled "Proportion Scale for Quilters."

  3. Clever! You are always thinking!