28 September 2015

Design Wall Monday: Sept 28, 2015

Whoa! I actually have a DWM post. It's not on the design wall but in my lap since I'm stitching on the binding. And, yes, I do my own machine quilting. Once I have it on, I'll show you the front. It is only a flannel jelly roll race, so it's nothing special.

Do you like my make-do binding clips?

I'm going to link with Judy's Design Wall Monday linky party.


  1. Hey, whatever works!! I'm impressed you hand bind your quilts. I gave up that ghost long ago and machine bind all of mine, I hate binding!

  2. I finally broke down and purchased the red Clover clips and I love them. I've got hand-tacking to do tonight, too.

  3. Using binder clips is a great idea.