27 March 2016

Quilting? What is that?

It hasn't been all knitting. I swear it hasn't. It just has been so windy around here that I couldn't take and photos of the latest finishes so the color of these is a bit off at the bottom because I had to shoot indoors.

I have found that I really do not like the super dense quilting. Not only does it take absolutely forever to do, it makes the quilt not-quite cuddly. After all, these are charity quilts and should be snuggly.

This quilt is very densely quilted. But because I chose a thin poly thread and a soft batting it isn't as stiff as it could have been. The working title of this quilt was "Boy, Is It Pink!"

I was brave and went with pink thread.


  1. That is a pretty pink quilt. I like checkerboards and the piano keys border them perfectly.

  2. Cute as can be!

    I agree: dense quilting is not cuddly.

  3. Thanks for showing the back. I think it looks great and as you said because of the thin batting, that helped with keeping it not so hard. Love the quilting in the borders!!!

  4. I hear you on the too dense quilting. I've seen quilts so "over quilted" that all that shows in photos is the quilting! And those quilts are stiff. Great if you want to hang it on a wall though. Your quilt is fun and pretty and quilted very nicely. And a great experiment as well.

  5. I LOVE it!! Beautiful colors!!!