26 March 2016

Leftover Yarn Post #2

I have more hats. I'm starting to feel a bit like the mad hatter. But to ease your mind, currently, I only have yarn for two more hats. That is until I start knitting sweaters and shawls and then the bits and bobs will add up again.

Okay, I just scavenged in the yarn bins and found more acrylic yarn. WHERE does this stuff come from? I have enough of it for (gulp) 10 more hats.


  1. I have been using up yarn by knitting hats too
    Yours are lovely

  2. Nice variety of hats. I especially love the one in the middle.

    Isn't it satisfying to put scraps to good use.

  3. Nice selection! The last one - the aqua / turquoise one is my favorite.