17 August 2016

Using The Setting Triangle

I have avoided putting quilts on point because of the chore of trying to figure out what size square to cut and then slice in an X. I bought this ruler many years ago and I haven't used it! Until now.

I am made a Quilt of Valor that I am simply calling Rails and Squares. I haven't used my Singer Featherweight in a while and I thought it was time to dust her off and make a quick quilt. 

So here are the specifics to make this quilt if you want to make it:
• Cut 42 squares at 6.5" x 6.5"
• Cut your rails at 2.5" wide by WOF (width of fabric). Since my quilt is entirely of scraps some of the strips were shorter. Don't use strips any shorter than 6.5"
• Sew the lighter strips to each side of the medium/dark strips, my middle strips are all reds.
• Cut the strips into 6.5" squares
• The layout is the tricky part. Notice how the rails alternate directions? Start with the longest diagonal row (I went from upper right to lower left) and lay out the blocks. Then continue building from there. Sew the blocks together in diagonal rows.
• For the setting triangles I used "The Setting Triangle" ruler. Using the ruler, I cut a strip at 5 1/8" wide and then placed The Setting Triangle on the strip with the 90° angle at the top and the line along the bottom of the edge of your strip and cut on both sides of the triangle. Then I rotated the triangle 180° and cut another triangle. The long edge of the setting triangle is on the straight grain.

• For the corner triangles, I used the 7" line and cut two triangles. Then I cut the triangles in half from the 90 degree angle to the base. This puts the long edge of the corner triangle on the bias and the outside edges on the straight of grain. Don't worry, there are instructions online if you need them.
• The edges will need to be squared up.

You are going to be seeing a lot more of my quilts on point now.


  1. Looks like a helpful tool - I've avoided putting blocks on point because of the setting triangle challenge. Thanks

  2. Great quilt Paula. Do you happen to have Mary Ellen Hopkins book, "It's okay if you sit on my quilt." ?? There's a page in the front of the book which tells you how to determine the size of the square to cut into quarters when setting blocks on point. If you don't have it, E-mail me.

  3. I'm not one to purchase a lot of gadgets/tools just because it's the latest craze. But I found a similar ruler by Fond & Porter a few years back. Sometimes a gadget can change your life in magical ways 😄