22 October 2016

Crown Royal quilts

I never realized the popularity of Crown Royal bags! But plug Crown Royal bags into any search engine and boom! hundreds, if not thousands, of creative ideas will explode onto the screen.

I have been working on a quilt made from these bags and I have some words of advice if you are considering using these bags.
  1. These bags are similar to flannel, so be forewarned. I am not a fan of working with flannel.
  2. These bags will ravel if not cut on grain. Believe me when I say that they aren't cut on grain at whatever factory makes the bag.
  3. I would not make half square triangles from these bags. Ever. Again. Worst experience ever. I couldn't get points to match up and they were very stretchy.
  4. A pattern that features squares and/or strips is ideal to use with these bags.
I centered the Crown Royal stitching and then cut out a 4.5" square. The sides of the bag will generate a strip that is 2.5" wide and 27" long when trimmed down.

On this quilt, those dreaded HST were cut as a larger square (5.25") and layered with a same size square. Draw a line diagonally from one corner to another, sew .25" on each side of the line and cut apart.

The finished block size of the shown quilt is 12", but I have another quilt drawn up where the block finishes at 8".

I now have this top finished and it is layered with a fleece backing, no batting. It will make a very cozy Christmas gift for a certain someone.


  1. Thanks for the tips. I have one of these in my future

  2. Sounds as though this is one flimsy you're glad to be finished with! I'm sure the end result will be beautiful! Enjoy your day! XO