19 October 2016


Okay, so this is a lot of Wooly Nylon but there are some gems over there on the right. See them? Does anybody have a suggestion on how to use up the wooly nylon besides in the serger on tshirt hems?

Just before July 4th I scored this length of fabric. I am still deciding how to use it in a QOV. Medallions, maybe? And build it up with a series of borders? Any suggestions?

This is actually two different pieces of fabric. I thought about cutting them apart and then adding to them.

Do you thrift? I don't do it very often, but every now and then I find some good pieces.

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  1. Great finds! Yes, I shop at thrift shops a lot: I enjoy stumbling on things I can use at bargain prices.

    I'd split up the blocks and add sashing and other blocks. They will make a fabulous QOV.