26 March 2017

Fiber Work

During my convalescence, I knitted and crocheted things.

Crocheted baby swaddling blankets are just too cute in acrylic yarn.

I am out of sock yarn. I know, right? Here are the last two pairs of socks. I'm on to other things now.


  1. Fantastic projects!

    Sincerely hope you are feeling better.

  2. It's nice to be able to keep your hands busy when you can't sew! Your blankets and socks are beautiful! I'm crocheting "princess" shawls for all the little girls in my life while I'm traveling. Two little princesses loved the shawl I was making for a friend so much, they asked for their own! I figured if they wanted one, my niece of the same age would love one, too. So much fun. Hope you enjoyed your weekend! XO

  3. These are all great projects. You accomplished a lot during your recovery.