31 October 2017

Halloween 2017

Every year hubby and I are invited to a Halloween party. This year it was on the Saturday before Halloween. I make my own costumes, well, because. This year I became a jellyfish. I even got injured in the line of duty: hot glue burn. Yes, indeedy. This is a pile of bubble wrap and a string of led battery powered lights covered with white glitter tulle. The 'tendrils' are various ribbons that I had with more led lights on them. I even included some aquarium tubing! I ended up sewing the lights onto the tendrils because they were too heavy to glue and have them stay.

I won second place in the costume contest. A bottle of Crown Royal, which I promptly gave to my hubby since I don't drink anything but wine. Last year I won a bottle of Cinnamon Schnapps.


  1. You are so creative!

  2. I love it, definitely this is one of the most creative costumes I have ever seen! Well done!!

  3. Too Funny! I love it! Trying to get back into knitting and got into quilting. Going to give my blog an update so the first thing I thought of was you.
    Hope you have a great November!