05 December 2018

November 2018

I have been sewing a little bit. I've been making quilt tops. That makes me a topper. How many do I have stacked up in that photo? Six, all ready to sandwich. The tops and the backings are there along with the batting and binding for each quilt. There is another one out of sight that is already sandwiched and waiting for quilting.

I was searching for something in the house the other day and stumbled upon these five small afghans. Two are knitted and three are crocheted and all are infant sized. I added a Project Linus label to each and now they are ready to donate.

Hubby and I filled one of the biggest dumpsters that can be rented, a 30-yard dumpster, in 5 days. We have another on order. It is expensive to rent these so I hope we won't need more than two.


  1. What a job you are dealing with!!!

  2. Did you make those afghans for Project Linus? I am glad you are finding time to stitch!

  3. Such a big job! Glad you’ve been getting some sewing time, too.