31 January 2019

January 2019

Well, Happy New Year!

It was a quiet one here at Casa Del Quilter. Both hubby and I were ill and we hid inside, out of the cold.

Work will soon commence on the hoarder house again. We filled the second 30-yard dumpster at the beginning of December. How can one person have so much junk? The majority of it was broken and useless.

Over the holiday break, as I was convalescing, I decided to pin baste some of my quilt tops in preparation to quilting them. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had ten tops! One king, one queen and the rest were twin. I got the king and the queen basted and 4 of the twins until I ran out of safety pins. The other 4 will have to wait until I quilt some of these.

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  1. Oh the prospect of that hoarder house becoming emptier . . . one item at a time.